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Ha-Le's Story

Ha-Le is a renowned speaker, author and personal/group coaching expert who has been through a series of trials and tribulations in her life. Being a Vietnamese refugee in Australiaand with her life plagued with adversitiesfrom a boat people, a detainee, a prisoner to a refugee, and survivor in a new country she called home. The one thing that has remained constant with Ha-Le is her inner strength. A resilient warrior at heart, she fought her hardshipsto gain wisdom and true meaning of shining in life.

She is an inspiring, charismatic and powerful speaker and uses her personal experiences to help people overcome their own challenges by relying on their inner strength and vigour. Having experienced countless emotions including that of pain, helplessness, depression, loss, fear and hopelessness and more, she firmly believes that everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams and imaginations.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

“Ha Le’s message is profound and she shares her story in such a courageous and empowering way to allow others to feel and understand that life is worth living.
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Phuong Phan

International Speaker, Radio Host, Free Spirit.

“Ha-Le is a powerful and inspiring speaker. Her life is a testimony to facing challenges with poise and grace. Ha-Le will embolden you to overcome your adversity and live life to the fullest.”

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Dr Rosa Mai


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