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NEW YEAR RESOLUTION 9: Tips To Go Along With Your Year

As the New Year 2020 arrives, we have a chance to amend the mistakes of the previous year and draw out good lessons from the great things that happened to us. Luckily, we are not precluded from making decisions in our life. As much as life has been known to throw curveballs towards us, we still have a chance to create the things we want in life. 

These 9 tips can help you in the creation of a wonderful future you might need. 

  1. Be a New You: This is not a cinch as you might think. It’s like always assuming you can swim but upon getting into the pool you find yourself floundering. Being a new you requires you to take steps towards it. Take a new stance for things which  did not take you anywhere before. Take a new look at some of the things you did the previous year and use them in making the right path for yourself. A new person will take you to the new future! 

  2. Have Goals: Without goals, you will find yourself always been ambivalent about everything you do. Goals are like the end game to everything you want to achieve. This New Year should see you having a goal worth achieving. Your goal will propel and help you direct your steps when you have different things teeming up against your time.

  3. Have Motivation: For everything you do, motivation will keep you ahead. Without motivation, you are likely to fall on the way. It is, therefore, imperative you have something or someone pushing you to exceed your goal and attain the height you have made. To do this, look at some of the people around you and the things you have around. Some people prefer to use motivational videos, others like to use people around them, and some others visit places where their motivation is boosted again. Pick the motivation level good for you.

  4. Believe That You Have All You Need to Succeed: Although the road might seem rough, ensure you don’t make a fuss. Everything in you is enough to get you towards your success. Explore the things at your behest and use them in getting you towards your success. Never underestimate anything you have.

  5. Your Behaviour Balanced With Your State of Mind: Your state of mind is the wheel of everything you do. Exposing it to the world should be something you should not be afraid of. If you truly want to lead a successful life in this coming year, ensure you have made the right steps towards having the same state of mind as your behaviour. Your new state of mind should be tilted towards creating a great future and you should also work. 

  6. Trust Your Intuition Each Day: Your intuitions are just like the red alarm lights ready to show any intruder in any secured space. Our intuition act like a radar. They are aware of all the red flags in any relationships, transaction or action. All you need is to be aware of them and following them. Whenever your intuition pushes you towards certain things, endeavour to do such thing as they always turn out to be right. In this New Year, be aware of times you feel like doing things and you do them. The results of doing such a thing will be what you might just need for the next steps you might want to take.

In case you need more confidence, start by taking small steps and seeing the results.

  1. Be Healthy, Beautiful, and Wise: The next step is more about working on your body and soul. They both need to be given the due course of food they require to grow. Your body needs to be treated well by you constantly remaining conscious that it must be healthy. Work towards living a healthy lifestyle this New Year. 

And to the soul’s feeding, read more books and expose to things that live you at a heightened level of wisdom. That way, your journey towards success becomes smoother by the day.

  1. Take fear as a Feeling, Get Over it and Move Forward: When you consider your fear and get over it, you will easily achieve things beyond you. The same can be said of someone out of his house into the deep end of his street amidst a thick mist. Although the mist has nothing in it, the person will remain on the spot if he doesn’t overlook the mist and walk towards his home.

The same can be said of fear. It is normal for you to have sceptical feelings about the things around you, but you have to swat it aside and pick other things to do. 

This way, you have overcome another step that might eventually hinder your progressive growth. The moment you get over your fear, you have a chance to move forward in your goal and achieve more than you can. If anyone has what you want and you are afraid of the outcome, why not tell yourself ‘they can either say yes or no. They can’t say yes and no’. 

  1.  Be Loyal and at Peace with Yourself: The axiom that we should love our neighbour as ourselves tends to tell us that we must first to love ourselves first before we consider loving others. When you have placed the right steps toward your success, you must endeavour to take yourself as a priority. If you have offended anyone, ensure you have taken the right step towards righting things with the person. And when that is done, go for loving yourself. When you offend others, forgive yourself. Make peace with yourself. Without which you might end up not have the capacity to forgive others or even love others as you ought to. 

Stop feeling guilty about everything and miserable about people’s mistake. You don’t have the world’s answer on your shoulder and it’s not your fault when others do things wrong. Having peace can be instrumental in the creation of greater things than you would have found in the storm brewing within you. 

Happy New Year and Happy New Life along your year of 2020!

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