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Ha-Le's story

About 1With her heart blend in Eastern colours and a western educational background, Ha-Le’s survival strategy was all about transforming her thought process and approach towards life. She resolved to break all the emotional traps that she had been hiding inside her since childhood from the Vietnam War, her dysfunctional family to child abuse at a very young age. She also altered her beliefs and values and decided to look at her culture with a new lens altogether. During the transformation period, she decided to shake off anything that did not serve her well. She now understands why people succeed or fail in life and what they need to do in order to overcome their hindrances. She is thankful to her inner strength and the warrior within her that helped her to survive and overcome all the nightmares that she had experienced in the past fifty years. With all of that behind her now, she now proudly calls herself-The Warrior. Ha-Le’ journey have inspired her to write her memoir called WARATAH and this is her gift to share to the world on how she became a triumphant.

Ha-Le's Journey

With a two and half month old baby in her womb, Ha-Le fled from Vietnam to Hong Kong in search of freedom in 1988. She later spent 25 days on a boat amidst a vast sea surviving hunger pangs, thirst and the fear of being drowned every single moment. In Hong Kong, she spent almost three years facing a number of ordeals in the form of a prisoner, a detainee as well as a refugee in Australia. When she landed in Australia, she dealt with poverty and language issues as her English was not up to the mark. That’s when she resolved to learn the language on her own and seven years later she obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood, following which she set up a pre-school in Sydney. Soon after she acquired another degree-Bachelor of Teaching and worked hard to establish her pre-school as one of the highly reputed institutions for young learners in Sydney. With a passion to spread knowledge and the desire to become one of the greatest educators for children, she continued to study further and acquired Cert IV TAEfor training and accessing certificate III and Diploma in early childhood setting.

Despite all the hard work, higher education and financial freedom, she felt she needed to achieve more. But, that’s when her world turned upside down and she was diagnosed with cancer.

Soon after she saw that her relationship with her only daughter wilted. This was another turning point in her life which prompted her to use her inner strength to heal and rebuild her life all over again. She conducted extensive research to attain Diploma in NLP and Hypnosis and later became one of the most sought-after practitioners in Psychosomatic and a master practitioner in Time Line Therapy®, positive psychology, Emotion Code and Body Code.

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Her Unique Approach

Today, she rightly sums up everything when she says “I look and feel younger, stronger and smarter than ever and the past no longer bothers me”. Having encountered separation, fear, anxiety, poverty, misery and more she now has a distinctive approach toward life and people. Wisdom has turned her into a confident warrior and she looks forward to teaching people the art of survival. She has also developed a unique survival strategy of her own, which she proudly calls the SOS formula. While, S stands for Strength, O means Overcoming and S implies Shine. She has used the strategy to overcome pain and devastation and is now determined to help those who are willing to create a masterpiece of their own lives.

About | Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Life Coach Expert

Ha-Le is an Australian based international author, a renowned speaker, & a Life coach expert who is a triumpher after a series of trials and tribulations in her life.

Email: hale@halethai.com.au

Address: 67, Rowe, Dr Potts Hill, NSW 2143, Australia

Gender: Female

Job Title: International Author, Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach Expert