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  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Diploma in child studies
  • Cert IV TAE in training and accessing of certificate III and Diploma in early childhood setting
  • Diploma in NLP and Hypnosis
  • Trainer’s Training of NLP
  • Trainer’s Training of Hypnosis
  • Trainer’s Training of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified Positive Psychology
  • Certified Psychosomatic
  • Certified Emotion Code and Body Code,Meta Dynamic.
  • International author of her memoir ‘WARATAH’ and parenting book ‘HABITS TO BENEFITS’.
  • Ha-Le is currently writing her next book ‘BETTER OR BITTER’
  • Founder of Happy Cell Wellness
  • Founder of Brilliant Children Institute
  • Member of AHA
  • Former Director, Authorised Supervisor and Owner of Birrong Preschool

Presentation Topics

Topic 1 :Strength, Overcoming and Shine- How to achieve an ideal life.

Everyone has hard times, whether a relationship broke down, a business crisis or a health matter; personal or professional. When driving these challenging times, we want someone who has been there, made that or at least someone who has the weapons and elements to help us get over it. However, what you desire is opinions of experience; views of understanding and a base of knowledge that is reliable advice. Everyone has ideas, but is it the best opinion?

In this topic, you will discover:

  • Five steps to building up your strength for resilience.
  • How to use your strength to overcome challenges and difficulties in your life.
  • The meaning of being to shine your life.

Topic 2: From Fear To Abundant Joy – How to achieve successful emotional wealth.

In today’s quick-paced society and with the continuous developments and interruptions that happen every day, many have forgotten their confidence. They’ve dropped their certainty and even failed their personality with a lot of fear. Today, more than ever, you need turn towards great masters that reach up for what’s achievable, have self-confidence through faith and have the knowledge needed to break all unwanted emotional trap that weight down your lives. Now is the time to turn fear for stability, and deepness of consciousness and created an abundant life that you all desire.

From this topic, you will explore:

  • Three methods to eliminate fears.
  • How to be strong and control the challenges.

Topic 3: Cancer is just a name.

7 ideas to deal with your cancers confidently

A story of how Ha-Le has been healing and dealing with her 3 cancers. Thyroid, Ovarian and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. She has healed herself and her lymphoma got remission. Ha-Le also will share with you how she has fought for her survival with cancers.

Topic 4: Giving Love

Supporting your loved one through cancer is hard work. One of the most important things you can do for a cancer patient simply understands his/her physical and emotional needs and not everyone knows how to meet the needs of your loved ones appropriately. Ha-Le will share with you her experiences of what she has gone through with 3 cancers.

Topic 5: Birrong Preschool Story.

From remarkably defect to victory. Ha-Le will share the story how she got what she dreamt from her bad shape of both mental and physical when arriving to Australia as a refugee.

Topic 6: Better Or Bitter.

Ha-Le will share the story of her personal life of how she has healed and rebuilt her life from a survivor of Vietnam War, a dysfunctional family, a child abused, boat people, prisoner, refugee, to a survival of 3-time cancer and her emotional breakdown with her loved ones.

Topic 7: Emotional Traps- Why you are doing what you are doing.

Ha-Le will talk about why you are doing what you are doing. She also will share with you how to master your emotions to stay stress-free under difficulties and challenges and obtain the inner peace. You also take away the methods how to show the best of you to the world.

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Here's What
‘I’m delighted and honored to have the privilege of hearing Ha-Le on stage today. The whole audience feel in love with her from the very start. Her message was mesmerizing and she had everyone in the palm of her hand. I enjoyed all of the other 17 amazing professionally trained speakers today but there was a genuine reason why Ha-Le was the ONLY one to get a standing ovation – She was a standout!’
Speaker 6
Ian Coombe
#1 Bestselling Author of WIKID POWER and Creator of the Decision Quotient | Queens Land, Australia
When I first heard her name it made me smile … I had never heard of this name before … I was excited to see her in India last month. After a day or two around her, I could feel her power changing my every move to the best version of what I could be at work. Just by being around us she could instil & ensure an Energetic Room of People. I felt it more the minute I felt at an absolute loss of energy and I looked around to realise Ha Le had left from the room. She has bought magic to my life in my short period interactions and time spent around her. I can feel or she has bought me the energy & smile of a 12-year-old at the age of 32. I know my life is about to shine as bright as the sun Ha-Le is true Healer and it’s in her name. A complete blessed soul. If you have met you have met for a reason .. take it from me!’
Speaker 7
Ruchi Sethi
Executive Assistant Of Speaker Institute- India - Asia.
Ha-Le speaks from her heart about what she is passionate about- living a good life. She drew me into her stories with humour and honest connection, then left me inspired and motivated to be living my best life
Speaker 8
Lisa Havey
High School Science Teacher | Sydney, Australia

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