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What a delight to read a book about early childhood development that mentions decision-making so often! Ha-Le’s book, Habits to Benefits, is a decidedly invaluable and insightful resource for parents. Make the decision to read Ha-Le’s book and take action to learn Habits to Benefits. Use it as a practical guide by prioritising the areas you think more important (priority setting is a critical process in decision-making). May parents decision to improve their parenting habits return enormous benefits!
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#1 Bestselling Author of WIKID POWER and Creator of the Decision Quotient. Sydney, Australia

As a mum to two young daughters, I’m constantly reflecting on my parenting style and attitude. With the first seven years being the most crucial in their development, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right! Habits to Benefits has given me confidence in some areas and tips for improvements in others. Everything is broken down into easy- to-understand intellectual, emotional, social, and physical benefits, making the book a fantastic resource for building two positive, resilient, and well- rounded individuals. Highly recommended! different benefits you’ll gain from them from intellectually to socially to help your kids thrive in this world. How we are as adults are from the habits we establish as a child.
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Business owner | Sydney, Australia

A practical guide to helping parents understand the importance of keeping good formed habits in our child/children and why it’s important when you as a parent must shift with the right mindset. As adults we must lead by example no matter what. This book provides 56 techniques and are broken up so we can read direct to hat situation with easy step by step guide. Books are for any paen especially if you are starting on or are busy. There are a lot of valuable new golden advices and clear simple takeaways. The book is awe inspiring and handy to help under to become better parents and to help us build stronger resilient child/children.
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Ha-Le’s book is a must read for any parent looking at nurturing their kids to have a bigger and brighter future. Ha-Le goes deep into the science and workings of the human mind and how it operates before she gives us practical tools that will help parents assist their child’s development. There are detailed explanation of each habit, why it’s so important to develop them and all the different benefits you’ll gain from them from intellectually to socially to help your kids thrive in this world. How we are as adults are from the habits we establish as a child.


Business owner | Perth, Australia

This is not a just any parenting book.It’s a book to guide and teach you to become the best version of yourself for your children. It helped me understand myself and what I can do to be the best parent that I can be. With the ever-changing world we live in, facing all kinds of challenges, it is important to understand the deeper meaning of good parenting. This was exactly what Ha Le’s book was able to deliver to her audiences. Parents! What a joy to read!
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Habits to Benefits’ is an amazing parenting guide for all families, but especially those with young children. Ha-Le’s experience, passion and knowledge shine throughout the book. Ha-Le explains the relevant psychological and theoretical frameworks in an approachable and easily understandable style. She then guides the reader through 56 Habits to help bring out the best in our children. The content is rich and easy to implement. I wish I had ‘Habits to Benefits’ when my children were younger!
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Graduate Transition Consultant CEO and Founder Graduate Advantage. Sydney, Australia

This is A marvellous book that I really need for my two precious son and daughter. I am so glad that I’ve had a privilege to read it when my children are still young. Ha-Le’s book, HABITS TO BENEFITS, will be my guidebook under my pillow every day and my compass for doing and equipping right things for my children. I can’t wait for HABITS TO BENEFITS to be translated into Vietnamese for parents. We need right guidance very much for being successful parents in the socially ever- changing context of Vietnam and the world. We can’t be wrong in our parenting with HABITS TO BENEFITS in our hands. Thank-you so much Ha-Le for your dedication and love for children.


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