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A Poignant and Powerful Tale of Love, Pain, and Growth. Ha-Le’s story is incredibly moving and powerful. The story weaves the past and present together so beautifully.
Jenifer Higgins

Jenifer Higgins

Author, Teacher- USA

I admired Ha-Le’s courage to share her life struggles and the many obstacles she overcame in her life. Her love of life is undeniably contagious.
Muna Nedimovich

Muna Nedimovich

Project Manager – Finance- Vancouver, BC Canada

Captivating. A story of adversity told with wisdom and humility. I found I couldn’t put it down- there were so many inspiring moments!
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Lisa Harvey

High school teacher- Sydney –Australia

Amazing life journey with full of courage and inspiration!
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Vyle Nguyen

Senior International Auditing Manager- USA

From the moment I picked up Ha-Le’s memoir, I could not put it down. There were moments the completely took my breath away. Piece by piece, the past and present all came together. Ha-Le is the true representation of strength, resilience, courage, and love.
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Sharon Muscet

Expert Authority, Speaker and Author – Adelaide- Australia.

Ha- Le’s life journey touched my heart. She had shown that nothing is impossible for a human being!
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Thu Tran

Manager of Public Bank Vietnam

Take nothing away from the love a mother has for her child and commend her efforts more if she’s bold enough to tell the tale even amidst all the trials, travails and difficulties. It’s a long one from Ha Le, but it’s definitely worth picking up to read this masterpiece memoir. 
Waratah Reviews 5

Prince Olayode Oluwatobi M.


An incredible story of hardship, survival, cultural differences and of love, forgiveness and TRIUMPHANT JOY.... the power of FAITH and HOPE! Riveting! Couldn’t put the book down!
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Trudie Morris

Senior Pastor, Church planter, Lecturer & international conference speaker- Melbourne –Australia

This is not just the story of a lady who has suffered tremendously, it is a story of 3 generations of strong and courageous women, their Culture and Traditions, generational patterns and prejudice, and finally it is a story of transformation.
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Linda Thackray

Psychosomatic Therapist of Finding Magic Within Registered Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy College

This memoir captures the true strength and resilience of the human heart. It's told between a past and present timeframe, contrasting modern life in Australia with the author's childhood and adolescence in Vietnam. Her insights into both cultures are fascinating, and she shares the hardship of her own growth and love of her family with honesty and vulnerability.
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Cate Hogan

Developmental Editor

Ha-Le is an incredible, wonderful and amazing woman.  She is a gentle warrior with the spirit of a goddess.  I have been blessed to share some incredible moments in time with Ha-Le and her story is heart-breakingly painful, breathtakingly poignant, and incredibly uplifting.  It is one that absolutely needs to be told.  
I will be forever grateful for her courage in sharing her story with the world.
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Kylie Hancox

Founder & Principal at Authentic.Inspired. Life- Founder & Celebrant at Today Tomorrow Ever After

 What a best book that I read in this year!!! Waratah helps me to tap into the infinitive strength of human beings. This is a great inspirational book that in which Ha- Le Thai leads us from one scene to another with breathtaking events in her life journey. I highly recommend everyone to have a copy of it.

Leb Raingam

Nonon Tech & Design- India

This is a raw, heart-rending and deeply personal narrative of one woman’s struggle to overcome the haunting experiences of war-torn Vietnam and a broken family and their devastating impact on her later family life.
From charnel house, wild and dangerous sea voyages and imprisonment, this book is not for the faint-hearted, Ha-Le Thai’s story pulls no punches. Yet, with the benefit of hindsight and introspection, Ha-Le delivers timely enlightenment and a delightfully fresh truth that is both educational and inspirational. A must-read!
Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Author- Australia